Paris Hilton Celebrity Sex On Tape Video

by sextapenews

Paris Hilton Sex Tape
Paris Hilton Sex Tape

Ah, the sex tape. Remember when it was a huge deal when Pam Anderson & Tommy Lee’s sex tape came out in the late 90s? They are commonplace now, with everyone from Kim Kardashian to Jamie Foxx to Verne “Mini Me” Troyer doing it on film for the world to see. Even Carrie Prejean has one (although not one the world has seen – yet).

As 2010 approaches and we look back on a decade of celebrity sex, who do you think is the naughtiest sex tape of the naughties?

Hilton was 19 when she dated and taped herself with Rick Salomon. The 2004 release of “1 Night in Paris” was against Paris’ wishes she claimed, and the exes sued each other, eventually settling out of court.